Silikon-Bleistiftgriffe 3Stk

(19 customer reviews)


Silikon-Bleistiftgriffe 3Stk


(19 customer reviews)

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Bringen Sie Ihrem Kind bei, Stift und Stift richtig zu halten. Mit diesem Halter müssen Sie sich nicht um die Einstellung des Arms kümmern. Das Kind hält den Stift immer richtig. Damit nehmen sie einen Stift mit drei statt zwei Fingern, wie es oft geschieht. Außerdem kriechen ihre Finger nicht übereinander.

Kids love to write with the silicone pencil grip. You will not need to force the child to do homework. They learn to write faster and they can show their friends their new toy.

Wenn Sie möchten, dass Ihr Kind mit JOY zeichnet, sollten Sie es mit einem Silikongriff versehen. Es ist leicht für sie, einen Stift zu nehmen, ihre Finger werden nicht müde, und das Kind hält seine Hand schon früh.

Silikon-Bleistiftgriffe – weich, geruchlos und in 3 angenehmen Farben erhältlich! Kinder tragen gerne eine Neuheit und gehen mit Freude in den Unterricht, weil sie wissen, dass das Schreiben Spaß macht.



19 reviews for Silikon-Bleistiftgriffe 3Stk

  1. Thing is very useful, especially if the child has developed wont wrong to hold a pen. And at teaching writing does not hurt. Just like in the description and the photo. Included 3 heads, plus two, easier, as a gift. The photo is one of gift, because the second now child enjoys. Very fast delivery, thank you.


  2. An outstanding product! We will be buying more and making these a school supply staple! Cannot wait to tell the other parents!!!


  3. FINALLY!!! A pencil grip for both lefties and righties!!!!




  5. Same as the photo. Very comfortable to wear. Comes with a gift. Thank You.


  6. All fit the description. Also put a gift store. Thank You Very Much.


  7. This has been a great way to help my daughter learn the most efficient way to hold a pencil! Plus she loves using them! It provides a clear guidance yet is way more fun than a regular pencil grip.


  8. My daughter always uses a lot of pressure when she writes. So much that shes developing a callous on her middle finger from holding her pencil incorrectly. These grips helped her properly grasp the pencil correctly by providing a soft cushion for her fingers. And they are so colorful she won’t stop writing! She loves them! Buying more for my brothers kids!


  9. I love the way it feels, but my grandchildren do not want to learn the correct way to hold their pencils.


  10. Perfectly. Seller put a present. Thank you so much


  11. I bought these to help my granddaughter learn to hold a pencil correctly. They are comfortable for her hand and I have noticed that she holds a pencil better even when she isn’t using the grips.


  12. Cute and Helpful!


  13. very fast delivery to Canada


  14. Soft, fun colors and so far it seems to be helpful.


  15. Great for encouraging proper pencil grip!


  16. Thank You store 5 + + + + + + + +


  17. Perfect. As described! Even got a present. Thanks!


  18. I really liked this set, came with different varieties to work with. It really helped my 4 year old hold the pencil correctly and in turn help her actually write better. I would reccomend these!


  19. Great product! Recommend!


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